Epoxy Floor Installations

Seattle’s epoxy floor coating contractors to call for your residential or industrial floor. All installations are done by experienced professionals. We want you to love your floor! Learn more about our floors and process below.

Why Choose an Epoxy Floor Coating?

  • Incredibly durable, lasting several years to a lifetime
  • Chemically resistant for both residential and commercial applications
  • Texture can be added for slip resistance
  • Easy clean up for dirt, debris, dust and even motor oil.
  • Protects concrete slab underneath from heavy traffic and equipment use on the surface.
  • Stops dust created by powder that a cement floor naturally sheds.
  • Epoxy can provide an attractive floor in a variety of colors and styles.

Our Approach

Here are a few items we believe should be considered.


We will check for moisture before applying an epoxy coating. 
Concrete is a permeable material. This means that ground moisture can come up through the concrete slab in the form of vapor affecting anything sitting on the concrete surface. 
If signs of moisture exist, we perform a moisture dome test (moisture vapor transmission rate) to gather information. We will recommend a type of epoxy flooring system based on the reading from the test.

Floor Prep

All floors, even new concrete, need to be profiled before they can be coated. Concrete surface profiling, or CSP,  is best achieved through grinding or shot blasting. This important step creates a proper bond of epoxy to concrete.  
Concrete cracks. Most are hairline cracks and will be covered by the epoxy coating. Some larger cracks may need to be filled prior to coating. We use a product from Arizona Polymers called Flexpaste to fill any active cracks.


We like a product called Kemiko (Sta-Crete) for floor systems that will receive lighter traffic and use. This is a waterborne epoxy, polyaspartic, and 100% solids coating. Abrasion and chemically resistant, low VOC and nearly odorless makes it ideal for indoor and residential garage floors. Choose solid color or color chipped for a pattern. Two coats, one acting as a primer, are applied to create a thickness of 15-20 mils for a solid color epoxy. Color chip floors will receive 3 coats, the top coat being clear. 
For industrial floors that will receive heavy traffic like commercial kitchens, labs, and manufacturing facilities we like Armor-Rez HD epoxies from Arizona Polymer Flooring. Armor-Rez is a 3 component, high performance system that is troweled to a finished thickness of 1/8-1/4″. Low viscosity resin combined with graded aggregates cures to an impressively hard impact-resistant system. Once this base coat is cured, it is sealed with a variety of topcoat, specific to the demands of the environment. This may even be a urethane coating. Overall, a great product for a long lasting floor.

Ready To Get Started?

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