Urethane Coating Services

Fluid Floors has a team of skilled and experienced professionals who take pride in every job. Our prep work is superior, laying the foundation for a flawless coating application. As certified TUFFLEX applicators, we offer solvent-free and environmentally-friendly products for quality installations that provide lasting protection. We work with our customers to achieve the best possible design and solution for your waterproofing needs. As a result, you have the best urethane coating services in the greater Seattle area at your doorstep.

What We Coat

  • plywood decks
  • roof decks
  • porches
  • concrete walkways and surfaces
  • courtyards
  • wheelchair ramps
  • underlayment for pavers or tile
  • planter boxes
  • houseboats

Choose Your Finish

We offer 2 types of finishes:


The urethane base coat is troweled on to achieve a nice thick base. Next, rubber granules or sometimes, sand are broadcast into the coating to create the non-slip surface. A solid color urethane top coat is applied as the final step. 

See the color chart below for available colors.

Cure Times

Installation of the Tufflex system takes 3 days in good weather with a one week cure time for placing furnishings. Resurfacing is 24-48 hours for pedestrian traffic and one week before replacing furnishings.

Protecting Your Investment

The same elements that are constantly at work eroding boulders and rusting metals are also at work on your home or business. A urethane membrane keeps your surface protected from even the wettest and most abusive environments.

To learn more about how to care for your urethane coating visit our blog on deck maintainence.


Most tile patterns are 18" or greater

Solid Color

See color chart below for color options
Pacific Gray
Sidewalk Gray
Rocky Gray
Monterey Sand
Desert Tan
Ash Brown
Brick Red

Ready To Get Started?

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